Crystal Wine Decanters

Serve your wine in style and elegance with our classic wine decanters, made from the finest Bohemian crystal and imported from the Czech Republic.

Decanters as a place for keeping wines and alcoholic drinks are a part of dining culture. They not only express conscious wine enjoyment, but also meet optical / aesthetical requirements.

Younger red wines, especially, need to be in contact with air to develop their optimum bouquet. Such wines are usually opened some hours before being enjoyed and left standing in a decanting carafe. To ensure contact between wine and air, the decanting carafe is a big-bellied design and a standard 0.75 litre bottle of wine fills it half way. At this point, there is maximum contact area for the wine with the air, which is best for bouquet development.


Classic Decanter
1 500ml                        


Elegance Decanter
1 250ml (height 245mm)


1 500 ml (height 300mm)


Bonaparte Style Decanter
1 250ml (height 275mm)


1 500ml (height: 240mm)